When Steve, the Captain of this ship, decided to open the Pirate's Den, he wanted to make it special.


Really Special.


He wanted something more than just your ordinary bait and tackle.  He wanted a community.  A place where people with a passion for fishing could come and be a part of what they loved.

A community is nothing without people.

So, Captain Steve is going to make sure that the Pirate's Den is all about the people.  When you come to the Pirate's Den, you are the top priority and we thank you for visiting.  We encourage you to stay, too.


How, do you ask?  How do you create a community in a store?  Here's how:


  • Great prices and great products - offered in a unique atmosphere.

  • Free paper Bradenton Herald newspapers and coffee - sit and watch the fisherfolk come through the store.  Not rush, go ahead and start a conversation!

  • Hungry?  Pay a visit to one of the visiting food trucks.

  • Need advice?  Steve and his crew will help you in person or here on the site in the Recipes, Regulations, and Fishing Tips areas.

  • Free monthly seminars on a wide variety of topics - some with accompanying sales on seminar-specific products.

  • Discounts - Ask about our veterans, first responder, and our very own "5 for 5" discount.

And there will be much more to come.  We are open to suggestions because we want you to be a part of something special.  


Really Special.

We are a Fishing Community