• Live Shrimp (virtually every day)

  • Live Pinfish (when available)

  • Frozen Bait

  • Chum Blocks

Aye, we be a bait shop, mates!  But not just any bait shop.

We've all come across those bait shops that leave a lot to be desired when it comes to customer service.  Surly scallywags with no respect for their customers...  Captain Steve's favorite experience with a bait shop in the area (this really happened):

Steve, calling the night before a morning outing:  "Hi!  Do you think you'll have live bait tomorrow morning around 7am?"

Bait shop Scallywag:  "If I'm open, I've got bait!"


Steve, amazed at the audacity:  "Yeah, I figured that one out.  But based on right now, do you think you'll have bait tomorrow at 7am?"

Scallywag:  "If I'm open, I've got bait!"

CLICK!!!  (I hung up)

Here at the Pirate's Den, you'll be treated as you should be - the Captain of the Ship.  You'll be served by a knowledgeable staff, whose top priority is your day out on the water.

We are a Bait Shop