The tale of the Pirate's Den

The Pirate's Den has been the life long dream of Steve Jourdenais.  Steve moved to the Tampa Bay area back in 1967, and he has been fishing here ever since.  The one thing Steve loves to do most is fish and, ever since he was a young powder monkey, he has associated the sights, sounds and smells of a bait shop with one thing - A GREAT DAY!!!  Steve knew that one day, he'd own his own bait and tackle store - and make it the best one in Florida.

Steve has fished every type of water, in every type of weather, and every situation.  For the first 20 years he fished here, he didn't even own a boat!  He knows every single rock on the Courtney Campbell Causeway and every set of initials scrawled or scratched into every pier in the region.

The one thing Steve believes in is this - The time a person sets aside to go fishing is very precious time.  It should be spent fishing, not going from one bait shop to another, trying to find the supplies needed to make that time worthwhile.  His number one goal is to see to it that the time you set aside to go fishing is spent doing just that - FISHING.  If the Pirate's Den doesn't have bait, he'd rather you pass us by rather than come and be disappointed.

That be the code  of the Pirate's Den Bait & Tackle, mates.  Sure and it be true!